Greater St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church

Dr. C.P. Noble, Pastor -- Tuskegee, Alabama

About Us

Church History

In 1885, several members of the Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church (Tuskegee - east side) decided that the distance was too far to maintain regular attendance (from the west side of Tuskegee) having to travel approximately nine miles mainly on foot. This band of believers decided to organize themselves into a congregation (called "Clear Springs"). The first church home was on one acre of land. The members met each Sunday under a brush harbor. In 1885, Rev. Jobe Davis was called as the first pastor of the then "Clear Springs" congregation. In 1885, the congregation renamed themselves the St. Mark Baptist Church.

Pastors Through the Years 

Service Years
Rev. Jobe Davis
1885 - 1888
Rev. Anderson Weldon
1888 - 1889
Rev. Forest Mills
1889 - 1891
Rev. Dennis Upshaw
1891 - 1893
Rev. R. C. Parker
1893 - 1899
Rev. C. M. Gregory
1899 - 1901
Rev. R. B. Ford
1901 - 1905
Rev. George Mimms
1905 - 1911
Rev. Dennis Upshaw (returned)
1911 - 1919
Rev. R. L. Peterson
1920 - 1923
Rev. E. M. Elmore
1923 - 1925
Rev. R. L. Ruff
1925 - 1929
Rev. Martin Ruff
1929 - 1933
Rev. S. A. Chaney
1933 - 1938
Rev. N. P. Pruitt
1938 - 1938
Rev. W. M. Forster
1938 - 1942
Rev. M. J. Burton
1942 - 1948
Rev. (Chaplin) A. L. Thomas
1948 - 1951
Rev. Vernon Johns
1951 - 1952
Rev. Benjamin J. Sims
1952 - 1964
Rev. Peter A. Boykin
1964 - 1969
Rev. V. A. Edwards
1969 - 1974
Rev. Clinton Brantley
1974 - 1976
Rev. Clarence P. Noble
1976 -  Present
In October 1976, Rev. Clarence P. Noble accepted the call to become pastor.  In late 1977, he called the congregation together to discuss plans for a new sanctuary for which they voted unanimously for the plan and authorized the trustees to begin the incorporation procedures and secure a loan for the construction of the facility which began Spring 1978 and was completed by Fall 1978.  The new facility includes lounges for men and women, a business office, nursery, pastor's office and sanctuary to seat 750 to 800.  The facility was dedicated on May 27, 1979. 
Also, under his leadership, spiritual growth and development have taken place in Administration, Christian Education, Finance, Organization, etc.  Selling to raise funds was relinquished vs. Tithing.  Two buses and two vans were purchased; two albums were produced, land was purchased and a parsonage built. 
Fifteen members have been licensed/ordained as preachers: Rev. Tanna Pettway, Rev. Benjamin C. Datiri, Rev. Craig Luckett, Rev. Kenneth Thomas, Rev. Pierce Washington, Rev. Walter R. Robinson (deceased), Rev. Walter Hurston (deceased), Rev. Robert Watts (deceased), Rev. Charlie Ford (deceased), Rev. R.T. Kenny (deceased), and Rev. Amos Rogers (deceased), Rev. John Lett, Rev. Christopher Dickerson, Rev. Darryl Taylor and Rev. Kenneth Felton.

Under Pastor C.P. Noble, nine men have been ordained as deacons: Dea. Ronald Austin, Dea. James Cooper, Dea. Willie Jones, Dea. Columbus Meadows, Dea. Alfonza Minifee, Dea. Benjamin Rackley, Dea. Ulysees Roberts, Dea. Tommy Robinson, and Dea. Harold Washington

The Greater St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church has been in existence for over 132 years and under the leadership of 23 pastors.

 ~ To God be the glory for the great things He has done. ~